Planning is probably the most important (and more often underestimated) phase of the project development cycle.
This is the time to shape your idea, to research your competition, to decide where you want to start from and how far you are ready to go.

With the experience we have, we can help both in conceptual plan and in evaluation and planning of future development.


Although very creative, design is a process that still follows rules.

Whether we are creating website designs, mobile applications, or corporate identities, we strive for balance. The formula for successful design lies in the balance between graphic composition, colour schemes, text, multimedia and interactivity. And last but not least, it should be in line with the good practices for building a user interface.

We believe that balance is the key to the great user experience.


Our services stand out with "custom development" approach.
Unlike many others, we do not rely on "free" platforms. We support and develop our own system of highly flexible development tools. This enables us to build unique projects with complex functionality and high productivity.

Even though more difficult, this approach has proven its effectiveness by providing much better business proccess optimisation, quality support service and provide a solid ground for long-term project development.


To function well, your project needs support. We can help with the right selection and administration of hosting servers and regular updating of your projects with up-to-date content.

To develop successfully, you need to attract new customers while keeping their interest in the long run. This is achieved by implementing new ideas, functional innovation and good marketing strategy.

This is a lengthy process that requires competence, responsibility and teamwork.